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Requiem for a Pink Moon

Documentary about the Program with Joel Frederiksen, Timothy Evans, Axel Wolf und Domen Marincic.

Filmatelier Vögl und Hentscher, 2014

Music of the Mayflower, Festival d'Ile de France

Ensemble Phoenix Munich performs 1621: Music of the Mayflower.

Eglise Notre-Dame de Vincennes, Festival d'Ile de France 2012.
Short documentary about the concert. Pieces by John Dowland, Jacobus Clemens non Papa, Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck, Thomas Ravenscroft, and  Thanksgiving Psalms. With the cooperation of the Nativeamerican Group "The boyz".

Rose of Sharon, Prague Spring 2010

Ensemble Phoenix Munich performs Rose of Sharon - 100 Years of American Music: 1770-1870.

In the beautiful SS. Simon and Judah Church in Prague at the 2010 edition of the Prague Spring International Music Festival, including songs of the Quakers, Shakers, and the Moravian Brethren. Available in English

Flow my tears (John Dowland), with Dame Emma Kirkby

Concert at the Bavarian National Museum in February 2013 (Concert Series "Between Mars and Venus").

Ballads of Love and War, 2008

Artists: Joel Frederiksen/Ensemble Phoenix Munich and Ji?í Pavlica/Hradiš?an Ensemble.

Short documentary for the Strings of Autumn Festival in Prague, 2008 The concert, held in Dvorak Hall of Prague's Rudolfinum (1200 seats) was a special cross-over project connecting Anglo-Saxon ballads of the Renaissance (repertoire of EPM The Elfin Knight CD) with the world of Moravian folk songs and ballads performed by the excellent Czech ensemble Hradistan.

For love every creature is born (Project Martinelli)

Artists: Joel Frederiksen (bass, archlute) and Lucie Špicková (mezzo-soprano)

For love every creature is born -- Henry Purcell (1659-95)
 Sample from the DVD Joel Frederiksen: LIVE. Recorded in Wallenstein Palais, Prague, 2006.


T. Hume: A Souldiers Song

"LONDON: The Virgin Queen" 1st concert in 2nd Season of Ljubljana Early Music Series HARMONIA CONCERTANS - Early Music at the New Square, Ljubljana, 09.01.2012
Joel Frederiksen - bass
Theresa Dlouhy - soprano
Domen Marin?i? - viol
Tomaž Sevšek - harpsichord