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CD cover - Tell me true love
Tell me true love

Joel Frederiksen - Dowland 

Sony Music / DHM

CD cover - Requiem for a Pink Moon
Requiem for a Pink Moon

Elizabethan Tribute to Nick Drake (1948-74)
harmonia mundi HMC 902111 

CD cover - Rose of Sharon
Rose of Sharon

100 Years of American Music
 harmonia mundi HMC 902085

CD cover - The Elfin Knight
The Elfin Knight

Ballads and Dances
harmonia mundi HMC 901983

CD cover - Orpheus, I am
Orpheus, I am

English, French and Italian music of the Renaissance and Baroque
EPM Productions 2003

CD cover - DVD Joel Frederiksen: LIVE
DVD Joel Frederiksen: LIVE

Italian virtuoso music of early Baroque
Dvorak Artists International

CD cover - O felice morire
O felice morire

Firenze 1600
harmonia mundi HMC 901999

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CD cover - O felice morire

O felice morire

Firenze 1600
harmonia mundi HMC 901999

(Not available)

In early Baroque Italy the unique capacity of the bass voice is discovered and exploited as pieces appear with astounding ranges which demand agility and control. Inspired by the great 16th century musicians like Giulio Caccini, Andrea Falconieri and Giovanni Puliasch, Joel Frederiksen recreates the performance ideal by accompanying himself on the archlute (which combines attributes of the lute and harp). Music by Stefano Landi, Sigismondo D’India, Andrea Falconieri, and Claudio Monteverdi are also included in this CD, which breathes life into an incredibly energetic and dynamic age right at the turn of the 17th century.


Ensemble Phoenix Munich

Domen Marincic - viola da gamba
Reinhild Waldek - harp
Axel Wolf - theorbo, lute, tiorbino, guitar
Joel Frederiksen - coloratura basso profondo, archlute & direction

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TitleComposer (Year)TimePlay (MP3)
Pietá di chi si more Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger 3:32 Play
Armilla ingrata Andrea Falconieri 5:00 Play
Filli vezzossa Andrea Falconieri 4:22 Play
Che farai Meliseo? Sigismondo d’India 7:45  
Io canterei d’amor [instr.] Girolamo dalla Casa 2:11  
Superbi colli Stefano Landi 5:42  
O vagha Tortorella Biagio Marini 1:42  
Se tu mi lasci perfida tuo danno Stefano Landi 2:46  
Dalla porta d'oriente Giulio Caccini 2:40 Play
Muove si dolce Giulio Caccini 2:14  
Chi mi confort’ahimè Giulio Caccini 6:53  
Io, che l’età solea viver nel fango Giulio Caccini 5:53  
Deh chi d’alloro Giulio Caccini 6:01  
Amor ch'attendi Giulio Caccini 2:39 Play
Toccata V Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger 1:54  
Locar sopra gl’abissi Giovanni Puliaschi 4:42  
Io che nell’otio nacqui e d’otio vissi Claudio Monteverdi 7:56