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CD cover - Tell me true love
Tell me true love

Joel Frederiksen - Dowland 

Sony Music / DHM

CD cover - Requiem for a Pink Moon
Requiem for a Pink Moon

Elizabethan Tribute to Nick Drake (1948-74)
harmonia mundi HMC 902111 

CD cover - Rose of Sharon
Rose of Sharon

100 Years of American Music
 harmonia mundi HMC 902085

CD cover - The Elfin Knight
The Elfin Knight

Ballads and Dances
harmonia mundi HMC 901983

CD cover - Orpheus, I am
Orpheus, I am

English, French and Italian music of the Renaissance and Baroque
EPM Productions 2003

CD cover - DVD Joel Frederiksen: LIVE
DVD Joel Frederiksen: LIVE

Italian virtuoso music of early Baroque
Dvorak Artists International

CD cover - O felice morire
O felice morire

Firenze 1600
harmonia mundi HMC 901999

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CD cover - Requiem for a Pink Moon

Requiem for a Pink Moon

Elizabethan Tribute to Nick Drake (1948-74)
harmonia mundi HMC 902111 

A tribute to one of the greatest singer/songwriters of the past 50 years, a requiem to Nick Drake (1948-74), composed by Joel Frederiksen. Drake´s songs speak to the human condition with titles such as “Which will you go for?”, or “Time has told me”. Under fine melodic lines is a rhythmically driving guitar part which Frederiksen has orchestrated for Renaissance instruments. Parts of the plainsong Requiem Mass interweave with Drake’s finely crafted songs and songs of masters from the Renaissance, to form one piece in remembrance of this modern day “Thomas Campion”.


Ensemble Phoenix Munich

 Timothy Leigh Evans - tenor, drum
 Domen Marincic - viola da gamba
 Axel Wolf - theorbo
 Joel Frederiksen - bass, lute, musical direction

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TitleComposer (Year)TimePlay (MP3)
Road Nick Drake 2:12 Play
Requiem aeternam arr. Joel Frederiksen 3:54 Play
Pink Moon Nick Drake 2:43 Play
Horn Nick Drake 1:44 Play
His golden locks, verses 1 & 2 (JOHN DOWLAND, 1562/63-1626) arr. Joel Frederiksen 1:55 Play
Place to be  Nick Drake 2:48 Play
His golden locks, verse 3 (JOHN DOWLAND)  arr. Joel Frederiksen 1:18 Play
Wand’ring in this place (MICHAEL CAVENDISH, c.1565 – 1628)  arr. Joel Frederiksen 3:26 Play
Which will  Nick Drake 3:04 Play
Rest awhile, you cruel cares (JOHN DOWLAND)  arr. Joel Frederiksen 1:44 Play
Rider on the wheel  Nick Drake 2:37 Play
Time stands still (JOHN DOWLAND)  arr. Joel Frederiksen 4:43 Play
Time has told me  Nick Drake 4:12 Play
Ocean  Joel Frederiksen 3:14 Play
Hanging on a star  Nick Drake 2:02 Play
Never weather-beaten sail (THOMAS CAMPION, c.1567-1619)  arr. Joel Frederiksen 4:06 Play
Horn (reprise in F)  Nick Drake 0:37 Play
Requiem in F (Horn)  arr. Joel Frederiksen 2:27 Play
Voice from the mountain  Nick Drake 3:21 Play
Northern sky  Nick Drake 2:55 Play
Harvest breed  Nick Drake 1:35 Play
Come, heavy sleep (JOHN DOWLAND)  arr. Joel Frederiksen 4:12 Play
From the morning  Nick Drake 3:28 Play
Requiem II  arr. Joel Frederiksen 1:23 Play