Joel Frederiksen - fotoJoel Frederiksen - Bass

CDs with EPM:

CD cover - Tell me true love
Tell me true love

Joel Frederiksen - Dowland 

Sony Music / DHM

CD cover - Requiem for a Pink Moon
Requiem for a Pink Moon

Elizabethan Tribute to Nick Drake (1948-74)
harmonia mundi HMC 902111 

CD cover - Rose of Sharon
Rose of Sharon

100 Years of American Music
 harmonia mundi HMC 902085

CD cover - The Elfin Knight
The Elfin Knight

Ballads and Dances
harmonia mundi HMC 901983

CD cover - Orpheus, I am
Orpheus, I am

English, French and Italian music of the Renaissance and Baroque
EPM Productions 2003

CD cover - DVD Joel Frederiksen: LIVE
DVD Joel Frederiksen: LIVE

Italian virtuoso music of early Baroque
Dvorak Artists International

CD cover - O felice morire
O felice morire

Firenze 1600
harmonia mundi HMC 901999

Other CDs:

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CD cover - Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon

100 Years of American Music
 harmonia mundi HMC 902085

‘This program is like an American quilt – the individual parts are unique and very different from one another, but it comes together to form one rich tapestry. I would like to give our audience a picture of some of the rich traditions that developed out of our European heritage, but flourished and grew in their own unique way in the New World.’   – Joel Frederiksen

Ensemble Phoenix Munich

Lydia Brotherton - soprano/ Deborah Rentz-Moore - mezzosoprano
 Timothy Leigh Evans - tenor, drum/ Joel Frederiksen - bass, guitar
 Karen Walthinsen - violin/ Andreas Haas - flute
 Domen Marincic - violoncello/ Axel Wolf - guitar

Reviews of CD >>
TitleComposer (Year)TimePlay (MP3)
Lay me low  Shaker Spiritual 1:31 Play
The Morning Trumpet  Benjamin Franklin White 3:17 Play
He comes, the hero comes! Henry Carey 1:55 Play
The President’s March  Philip Phile 1:26 Play
The Death of General Wolfe America, 1790s/Arr. JF 6:33 Play
Jefferson and Liberty (The Gobby O) Ireland, 1780s 1:08 Play
America  William Billings 2:09 Play
God is the king William Billings 9:12 Play
I am the rose of Sharon William Billings 4:37 Play
The Gentleman Soldier England, 1907 1:48 Play
Leander  Tennessee Harmony, 1818 1:37 Play
Drumdelgie Scotland, Anonymous 1:01 Play
Northfield  Jeremiah Ingalls (1764-1828) 2:19 Play
Captain Kidd Anonymous/Arr. JF 1:33 Play
Wondrous Love William Walker (1809-1875) 4:35  
Come life, Shaker life Shaker Spiritual 0:27  
O love, sweet love  Shaker Spiritual 1:09 Play
Now, my dear companions Shaker Spiritual  1:14 Play
Who will bow and bend like a willow Shaker Spiritual  0:59 Play
My carnal life  Shaker Spiritual  1:04 Play
Stubborn Oak  Shaker Spiritual  1:07 Play
’Tis the gift to be simple Shaker Spiritual  0:57  
The Army of the Free Text: Frank H. Norton 2:07  
Maryland, my Maryland Text: James R. Randall 1:51 Play
Lorena  J.P.Webster 3:23 Play
Dixie’s Land  Daniel D. Emmett 0:39  
Dance me a Jig Text and music: Al Wood 1:46  
Hard times come again no more Stephen Collins Foster (1826-1864) 4:14  
Sinner Man  Traditional/Arr. JF 4:08  
Hear, O Lord, when I cry Massah M. Warner (1836-1900) 1:42 Play